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Is your current Project and Portfolio Management solution out of date?

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Breaking up is hard to do. How do you know when it’s time to quit something and move on? Are you making the right choice? Or will you come to regret your decision further down the road? Sometimes the hardest decisions we have to make are the ones staring us right in the face. Of course, in business, we are faced with important decisions frequently and a company’s ability to make the right choices is fundamental to its ultimate success or failure.

Have you recently asked yourself if the way your business conducts its processes and practices is the best it can be? Are your corporate resources firing at full power and in the right areas so that you get the most out of them? These are the kind of questions we need to ask ourselves to make sure our company is running at an optimal level of production.

In today’s post, we’ll look at the possibility that your current On-Premises Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution is out of date, and the potential benefits of how a move to Office 365 PPM and the Cloud might be the new solution you’ve been looking for.

The recent Forrester report (which you can download for free from our website) regarding the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Office 365 PPM compiles an extensive look into the benefits of making this very move, so don’t forget to check it out after reading this post.

Out with the old

So, what happens when there are aspects of your Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution not returning the required level of business value?

  • A single tool – like Microsoft Excel – for tracking process and performance can’t handle the level and speed of work you do now.
  • Your Project Management Office’s (PMO) visibility of projects is impeded.
  • Your Project Managers’ abilities to strategically manage project portfolios are hindered and hamstrung.

You need to look at your current levels of productivity across your project portfolio management options. If the above problems are something you recognise, then it’s likely you are running an out-of-date On-Premises PPM solution, and it might be time to make a change.

In with the new

As a software-as-service (SaaS), what Office 365 PPM gives your business is a comprehensive solution for project, portfolio, and resource management in the Cloud. In terms of functionality, this means collaborative working across multiple projects, which allows your company to arrange project portfolio investments in line with your corporate strategy. Your project managers will be able to avail of the PMO’s increased visibility into project portfolios – as well as issue and risk management, reporting support, deep scheduling, financial statistics – all laid out on a cloud-powered desktop client.

On top of the powerful functions, Office 365 PPM also has the added positive of being extremely lightweight in terms of infrastructure and upgrade costs. This is given a further boost with Office 365 PPM’s ability to scale right along with business growth while providing the combined effect of other Office 365 products, including SharePoint and Power BI. Essentially, this enables a very powerful overall collaboration across all aspects of company processes.

Some of the most attractive features of Office 365 PPM are listed below:

Quick start up time

Visual tiles highlight important steps and provide a simple guide on how to get started. There are also pre-populated project templates for common types of projects, using items like tasks, documents, calendars, etc.

Accommodate a wide audience

Summary dashboards help your portfolio managers gain insights for making project decisions, and enhanced multiple timelines allow them to view and communicate project statuses easily. Companies get greater visibility into recorded time for project and non-project work straight away.

Build ideal portfolios

Manage your project’s progression with structured options; create optimal project portfolios aligned with business strategy with top-of-the-range portfolio techniques.

Manage resources

Run portfolio optimisation scenarios under different budget targets to make the most of your resources. Plus, effectively manage your resources using Project Professional or Project Pro for Office 365; or use heat maps to get a different view of said resource pools.

Project updates in real-time and improve communication

Manage and plan tasks effectively in your browser, while keeping everyone updated on your progress. Project teams stay in tune with real-time collaborative writing and editing of documents. There’s built-in Skype for Business so you can speak live through any stage of a project; or send important task update notifications via email.

User experience with world-class Office 365 Cloud

It is consistent with your widely used Office applications, and you can easily transfer data between Office 365 PPM and other tools. Add-ins from the Office store mean you can customise when you need to and a convenient backstage experience automatically discovers commands and URLS that you use often, simplifying how you see and share project details. Extend your PPM experience to multiple devices to give you access from anywhere and everywhere. Likewise, with Office 365 you have access to 24/7 IT support making sure your data is secure and accessible.

See how it fits with your strategies

Enhanced visibility into projects for leadership, finance, and project management offices greatly enhances the ability to strategically manage project portfolios and make better strategic decisions, in ways that an out-of-date On-Premises solution simply can’t. You might want to sit down with your current PPM and let it know that “it’s not me, it’s you”.

Learn more about what switching to Office 365 PPM could do for your business. You can also check out the complete Forrester report here for further information.