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New product offerings in the Digital Marketplace

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Let’s take a moment to think about the importance of the Public Sector. The government, its departments, public corporations, municipal councils, agencies and other bodies are vital to the way we live. From healthcare to social housing and education to refuse collection; without proper management and conscious planning, the public sector can very quickly run into problems. And these are issues that could have an effect on thousands – if not millions – of lives. As members of the public, we are highly invested in these organisations, not least because we provide the income necessary for them to function.

  • Over 5 million people are employed in the public sector and the government.
  • Government spending is over 50% of GDP.

You may remember our post from last September where we wrote an introduction to the government’s Digital Marketplace: what it is and why it’s important. We recommend catching up if you haven’t read the post already – as it offers a more detailed look at what the digital marketplace is. However, to summarise, the Digital Marketplace is the central location for government departments and other public sector organisations to find and procure essential IT systems, solutions and services that will boost their productivity and help them become more efficient. Importantly, they can also rely on any company that is active within the marketplace from a security and compliance point of view as every company has been vetted in a detailed and thorough manner.

The Digital Marketplace is about making IT investments easy for the public sector. Rather than having to review numerous companies with similar claims, CIOs, CEOs and IT managers can simply turn to the marketplace to find secure, trusted, tried-and-tested providers.

How thoroughly vetted are companies in the marketplace?

You can rest assured that if a company has made it onto the database of the Digital Marketplace they have been considered from numerous angles. You know that the provider is safe, trustworthy and has been audited to the highest standards. You also get a guarantee that your provider won’t be at any kind of insolvency risk. In fact, their financial records (and any other business related record you can think of) is screened and has to be successfully passed as compliant with EU procurement regulations.

Due to the often sensitive nature of governmental departments and other public sector organisations – whether it be sensitive information or data, or that the public coffers are being opened to finance an IT upgrade – confidence is key. The Digital Marketplace is the bridge of trust between the public and private sectors.

Proud to be part of the team

Program Framework is a Microsoft Gold Partner and have been through the Digital Marketplace’s vetting process. We’re proud of this achievement and what it says about the business and we are now happily providing our services to a number of public sector organisations. Below we shall cover some of the great new marketplace-approved products and services that we are currently providing.

Nintex for Office 365

Create and execute Office 365 Workflows and Forms like a seasoned IT pro but without the code. Boost your team’s efficiency and productivity output by building specific workflow automations quickly and cost-effectively with an intuitive, browser-based drag-and-drop designer.

Tempus Resource Management

Tempus Resource is a powerful resource and project portfolio analysis tool. It allows you to carry out ‘what-if’ analyses of your existing resource portfolio capacity, discover any gaps in your plans and explore new, better ways of deploying resources. The ability to test different scenarios is especially important in the public sector where efficient deployment of resources is perhaps even more important, and certainly more highly scrutinised, than in the private sector.

Microsoft Project Online

Regardless of your organisation’s size, expert management of projects is a huge factor in both your short and long-term stability as a business. Project Online allows you to gain an omniscient view of your project portfolio at any given time, and lay plans for the most effective use of time and resources. The power of Office 365 and its cloud-and-mobile-first philosophy enables you to prioritise the right projects at the right time.

Project Online Deployment Services

In addition to employing Project Online for your organisation, Program Framework’s QuickStart deployment team is on hand to help you every step of the way, ensuring your team hits the ground running from the first day of the PPM solution’s rollout.

Support for Project Online and Project Server

Speaking of support, we are proud to offer a full range of support, management and change consultancy services to help you every step of the way with your organisation’s latest deployment. We offer deployment of a full range of project and collaboration solutions, including SharePoint – both Online and On-Premises iterations. With our multiple years of expert experience, and at a low-cost yearly plan of support, you’ll see a further return on investment.


Program Framework is a fully vetted and committed assistant to various public sector organisations. To see our most recent approved marketplace offerings in more detail, case studies of previous clients, or to avail of our services for your department or organisation, find out more about our Digital Marketplace offerings here.