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Do you know what your digital transformation should look like? Learn how with Consortium

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Digital transformation has to be the business buzzword of 2016. Yet, it can be a challenge to really picture what it should look like at your organisation. Perhaps part of the problem is that digital transformation isn’t about one single thing; rather, it’s about a more general shift in strategy, culture, technology and IT philosophy – among other important factors. It’s about shifting from valuing efficiency to valuing constant innovation, moving from a focus on legacy technology to cloud and mobile apps. This all sounds great, but how do you map this general change to the specifics of your company, your activities and the way you work?

As a key member of Consortium, a partnership of five leading UK tech companies with specialisms in different areas of Microsoft technology, Program Framework is excited to help answer this question at Consortium’s digital transformation event this month, on Tuesday 13th September. Taking place at Consortium’s London HQ, all five companies in the partnership will be providing advice on how digital transformation can be achieved, and will be available to help you begin tailoring your digital strategy.

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The route you take when you digitally transform will affect your business for decades and needs to be strategically planned. So, what will you learn at the event that will help set you apart from your competitors?

The change management experts

At Program Framework, we understand just how important it is not only to transform a business, but to manage that change in a sensitive and pragmatic manner. No business is the same, and through decades of experience, we understand the realities and practicalities of implementing digital transformation. When we work with you to bring about digital transformation, the focus is always on creating a solution that fits around you today, but which will also serve you for years to come.

Fundamentally, changing your organisation and implementing digital transformation requires a joined-up approach. Just a couple of years ago, digital transformation was more commonly seen as starting with pockets of innovation within the wider business. However, today, most practitioners agree that digital transformation requires a holistic, business-wide approach. And this is why the upcoming Consortium event will be so valuable for executives looking to bring about digital transformation – you will access deep technology expertise from all Consortium’s partners.


Microsoft Project – at the heart of digital transformation

The power of digital transformation is that you open up your business to a huge range of new possibilities, supported by innovative technology. At the Consortium event, Program Framework will be presenting two seminars covering how your approach to project management can be radically altered by using project management best practice and cloud-based tools.

Track 1: Ensuring successful programme delivery with Project Online. 14.30 – 15.30, presented by Gero Renker, Director

Project Online is Microsoft’s cloud-based PPM solution for organisations of any size. Rapidly deployed and included free with certain Office 365 plans, it offers you a user-friendly and highly flexible means of managing projects in a way that is best suited to the digital era. Cloud and mobile accessible, Project Online allows your project teams to access and update project plans wherever they are, collaborate more fluidly and discover the best use of resources. Attend the session to learn how your whole business can begin using the tool to manage projects in a more proactive manner.

Using world-class tools is, of course, an essential part of successful project delivery. However, you still need to know how to get the most out of them to really succeed. This session will explore how you can use Project Online more effectively, discover new aspects of your project and push the tool further.

Track 2: Realising organisational change through digital transformation. 11.15 – 12.15, presented by Paul Major, Director

There is a huge pressure on organisations today to be more flexible and proactive than ever. Digital transformation can support this organisational change by providing the support structure for wider business change. Paul Major, will explore these issues and provide guidance on best practice. Since digital transformation is fundamental to organisational change, this seminar will be invaluable to all attendees.

A holistic approach to digital transformation

In order to bring about long lasting digital transformation that really takes root in your business and changes it for the better, you need a solid strategy for how you will implement the process in a way that fits around you. The Consortium event will provide you with the key insights you need and will help you begin planning your journey to digital transformation, providing you guidance on the different tools and techniques you’ll need.

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