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Modelling for the 21st Century – New Program Framework Whitepaper

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When it comes to the crucial decisions which drive business forward, many organisations are forced to make enormous choices based on unreliable information. This is particularly the case in the field of Project Management (PM): lacking oversight of projects, unable to fully visualise the impact of changes or to see how different factors mesh together, PM professionals are often forced to take decisions ‘in the dark’. Currently available tools make it incredibly hard to model changes, require extensive training and lack flexibility. These tools just don’t correspond with the needs of decision makers in large organisations that have a number of simultaneous projects on the go.

Of course, every company wants access to tools which will make their projects the most successful they can be and at Program Framework this is our bread and butter. We’re the UK’s only partner of ProSymmetry and we’ve always been impressed by their PM platforms, particularly Tempus Resource. Managing resources efficiently – whether it’s time, staff, costs or other logistics – is fundamental to achieving success and we think Tempus Resource is particularly good at helping companies do this. We’ve put together a Whitepaper to explore why we think Tempus Resource is a significant step forward in PM which is available now on our website.

Why the need for Tempus Resource?

Beyond the smallest projects, managing the resources which feed into a project’s outcome is a complex activity. Maintaining an overview of what’s going on in the project, where resources are being wasted or are being oversupplied requires real expertise. Project Managers often want to know what the outcome of making changes to a project would be and at present this is extremely difficult. Whether it’s reducing human resources, increasing funding or productivity, it is currently very hard to visualise what will happen when such changes are implemented.

There are a variety of tools currently available which go some way to helping manage projects. Whether it’s a simple Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Project or one of the many other platforms on the market, Project Managers depend on them for coordinating workflows. As effective as these tools are, they don’t let users quickly visualise the outcome of changing project resources, nor do they easily show how these changes can impact on other parts of a project.

What we find so valuable about Tempus Resource is that it helps businesses answer so many “what if?” questions. It provides a virtual space where thousands of potential alterations to a project’s resourcing can be explored and visualised. Our Whitepaper looks in detail at the value Tempus Resource can add to PM and shows how it really is at the forefront of its field in terms of modelling.

Get to grips with Tempus Resource

We’ll be straight with you, we find the technology behind Tempus Resource pretty impressive – and we’ve been in the Project Management game for a long time. Our Whitepaper scratches beneath the surface to reveal just what makes the platform ‘next generation’:

  • Real-time simulation is a piece of cake. Tempus Resource lets you carry out hundreds if not thousands of simulations and instantly visualise the impact of changes to resource supply.
  • Rapid and sophisticated insights. Users can confidently make decisions based on reliable forecasts.
  • Easily integrates with most PM tools. Start modelling data from Excel, Microsoft Project, Jira and other PPM solutions.
  • Easy installation. Get Tempus Resource On-Premises or access it in the Cloud.
  • Get everyone on board. Tempus resource lets users present the results of a simulation in sophisticated visuals and charts. If you have a hunch that increasing one particular resource will help a project, Tempus Resource lets you show that quickly to colleagues.
  • It’s smart. The Optimiser feature can make recommendations about when would be best for new projects to start based on your current portfolio, and can help rate your models in terms of efficiency.

Coming to a website near you

When deciding whether a PM solution really aligns with your company’s needs, it’s just good practice to understand it inside and out. Our Whitepaper explores the business case for Tempus Resource and establishes what makes it such a powerful tool. We hope you find the Whitepaper valuable, for those wanting to dive right in we do offer a free trial and our consultants are more than happy to answer any questions on 08000 74 29 29.