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New and upcoming features to Tempus Resource

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Tempus Resource from ProSymmetry solves one of the major issues facing PPM professionals today. That is, how do you manage changes to the distribution of your people across projects? Your resources – the professionals, labourers and contractors who turn your plans into action – are crucial to the success of any project. However, most PPM tools currently only allow limited scope for controlling, changing or modelling changes to their deployment and allocation across projects. Tempus Resource breaks this barrier.

Although projects (as well as resources) can be managed from within Tempus Resource itself, few companies feel ready to dispose of their existing PPM tools – especially when platforms like Microsoft Project offer such powerful control of projects and processes. Companies with an extensive portfolio are, quite naturally, unsure about abandoning tools which serve so many of their goals. ProSymmetry are aware of this and have recently put a lot of work into further integrating Tempus Resource with other Project Management platforms. While it’s already easy to import data from most PPM tools, Tempus Resource’s recent updates show the Ohio based firm are taking these integrations even further.

Recent updates and upcoming releases

We’re proud to be an exclusive UK partner and are excited about the recent improvements to what’s already an exciting offering. So let’s take a look and what’s new. 

1. Microsoft Project Synchronization

This update will allow users who run projects on Microsoft Project and manage their employees in Tempus Resource to synchronize files and changes between the two platforms. The obvious advantage here is that your project tool and your resource software will never be out of sync with one another. But, perhaps even more important is the ‘what-if’ simulations you carry out in Tempus Resource can be rapidly fed back into Microsoft Project. Tempus Resource will help you find the best possible improvements to resource allocation and project timing, then simply sync these back into MS Project.

2. Project Online synchronisation

As above, automatic synchronisation of changes made in Project Online will be reflected in Tempus Resource and vice versa. If, for example, you pause a task in Project Online, this will now impact on resource allocation in Tempus Resource.

3. Inter-Project dependencies

Tempus Resource is so powerful because it is tied to real-world processes. We’d all love projects to unfold just as we planned them, but the reality is that things change, resources leave and uncontrollable variables impact project progress. These changes have an effect across your whole portfolio as they alter the availability of individual resources and slow up timeframes. The new Inter-Project Dependencies feature will allow you to map the knock-on effects of a change in one project to progress in another. Hired ten new labourers for one project in order to get it done faster? You’ll now be able to visualise the effects of this change on the other parts of your portfolio too.

4. Opportunity map updates

The opportunity map in Tempus Resource allows users to find the best possible use of resources and time. Updates include:

  • The ability to run by resource aggregate as well as name resource
  • The ability to apply a selected Opportunity Map output to the model
  • Identify optimal project timing with the click of a button – by named resource or by attribute simultaneously

Your boss (and your accountant) will be singing your praises!

Further feature updates

1. Slide bar shadow

When you alter project timing, the new slide bar shadow will display the ‘before’ and ‘after’ position to help you track changes more easily.

2. Delta Graph

You’ll now be able to enable delta information in the graph view in order to show the ‘before’ and ‘after’ positions of allocation data against base capacity.

3. Multi-select filtering

When you’re adding and editing models in Tempus Resource, you want to be able to find data quickly. Multi-select filters have been introduced to help you find exactly what you need even faster.

4. Tooltips

ProSymmetry are constantly adding to and improving Tempus Resource, so the new Tooltips feature will tell you all you need to know about improvements.

5. Go-to Reporting

The Go-to Reporting feature means users avoid the requirement of leaving a model to access reporting features.

6. Expanded support for currency formats

Resource Management is global, and ProSymmetry have recognised this by introducing support for more currencies including ILS, INR, NOK and JPY.

Ever improving

Tempus Resource is constantly improving, responding ever more closely to the needs of Resource Managers. For more information about these updates and how they can be configured for maximum results, get in touch with Program Framework today or visit our website.