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Nintex continues to improve their enterprise mobile apps

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In an earlier post we mentioned our partner Nintex had some exciting developments up their sleeves, to be announced in the coming months. Sure enough, Nintex have now launched new versions of Nintex Mobile and Nintex Forms, helping companies to build much more sophisticated mobile apps and forms with custom branding and advanced data connectors. We’ve long been fans of Nintex, as have our clients, so we are really pleased to see their products improving even further.

These improved tools add a new layer of sophistication to the Nintex enterprise-grade workflow automation platform. Helping companies drive productivity and engage global workforces around the clock, whether they’re in the office or in the field, on laptops or mobile devices, online or offline. There was reason we said to be excited.

The two new tools – Nintex Mobile Enterprise Edition and Nintex Forms Enterprise Edition – come with a host of features that support the creation of custom-branded apps, which are compatible with major mobile operating systems.

What’s new

  • Nintex Mobile Enterprise Edition and Nintex Forms Enterprise Edition allow for more sophisticated mobile apps and forms, with custom-branding capabilities and data connectors to drive enriched end-user interactions and faster business results.
  • Companies can now easily automate complex forms by integrating with web services, packaged and custom databases, and business applications.

For those unfamiliar with Nintex and the brilliant work they do, here’s a breakdown of what these two new apps can bring to your day-to-day business ventures.

Increase employee productivity with Nintex Mobile

The intuitive style of the Nintex Mobile Enterprise Edition’s web interface gives customers the ability to custom-brand up to five native mobile apps in a few easy steps. Numerous features such as amending or approving documents, delegating tasks and the integration of photos, videos and other attachments mean employees can keep on top of their processes no matter where they are, be it online or offline.

Nintex VP of Product Ryan Duguid stated the influence Nintex Mobile can have on achieving a superior level of efficiency in the workplace:

“Enterprises run on hundreds, if not thousands, of processes every day – all of which can have significant impact on the pace of innovation, customer satisfaction, employee retention, and more.” ”Nintex is committed to giving our partners and customers the ability to automate and evolve these processes through configurable and manageable workflow, forms, and mobile applications to effectively address business needs both now and in the future.”

Create more dynamic, data-rich engagement with Nintex Forms

Nintex Forms Enterprise Edition builds upon this acquisition of intellectual property, including the ability to bring external database connectivity to forms, as well as custom-branded native mobile applications to users. Customers can quickly create and publish web and mobile-app-ready forms using Nintex’s drag-and-drop designer in SharePoint.

This user-friendly formatting style includes the ability to add both attachments and pictures directly onto forms to assist in the processes. Ultimately, users will be able to print forms in PDF and build more dynamic forms with data validations, conditional display areas, and custom formatting to support richer interactions.

It’s worth mentioning that these new applications will be free to download on the App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store.

Congratulations to ProSymmetry

ProSymmetry, a company we partner with to offer their Tempus Resource management tool, had a big role to play in these Nintex products. Nintex have built these new apps using intellectual property acquired from ProSymmetry, specifically their Nintex Action Pack.

ProSymmetry were the 2014 Nintex Partner of the Year and bring expert resource planning technologies to clients around the world. Tempus Resource – ProSymmetry’s premier offering – combines the power of data analytics with tools for what-if simulations, resource planning and forecasting.

We enjoy a strong working relationship with both Nintex and ProSymmetry and it’s great to see the two working together in this way.

You can find out more about ProSymmetry Tempus R, and the resource management problems it solves, here. You can also find out more about Nintex here.