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The bigger picture – How Tempus Resource facilitates decision making

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Tempus Resource series 1 / 3

This is the first post in a three part series on Tempus Resource, a state of the art platform that helps you make the best decisions for your projects. In today’s post we’ll be overviewing what Tempus Resource does, before looking in greater detail at the tool’s functionality in upcoming posts. 

Numerous surveys with Project Management professionals indicate that a major challenge facing PMs is the diversity of factors involved in bringing a programme of work to completion. Whether it’s time constraints, poor communication or colleagues not getting on board, steering a project to a satisfactory conclusion is a task beset by pitfalls. This is hard enough with even a small team, yet completing major projects with hundreds of workers, resources and logistics across national boundaries poses a whole other level of complexity.

PMs are expected to guide projects with almost supernatural powers; to be able to predict, prepare and plan for major works with little visual oversight of what’s happening “on the ground”. Adding to this complexity, many PMs have to manage budgets and timeframes for competing targets and adapt to unexpected changes – from delays, to changes in litigation or industrial action. We’ve previously looked in detail at how Tempus Resource provides PMs with a solution to many of these issues, but in this post we’ll be looking more specifically at how the platform facilitates decision making.

Chocolate or vanilla?

We make decisions all day every day, and there’s a major field of psychology behind how we make the choices which underpin almost every action we undertake. For many decisions, the rationale behind our choices is simple, based on weighing up simple pros and cons in relation to our current situation and previous experiences. That’s fine when the outcomes of your choices have few repercussions – so to answer the question above you might go for Chocolate ice cream because you’ve had it before and want to repeat a positive experience. However, things become a lot more complex when you start bringing tens, or even hundreds of factors.

When it comes to managing major projects, PMs need to think about a huge range of possible factors which could impinge on the project’s success. These include:

  • Availability (or not) of workers with the required skills
  • Costs for: salaries, contractors, agency rates, food, energy and other resources
  • Time – what are the limits, how might these overextend?
  • Changes in legislation
  • Delays in the supply of materials and services
  • Unexpected events and disasters

Beyond traditional tools

Project managers typically use either an Excel spreadsheet or one of a host of Project Management solutions when planning their projects. These are fine as a means of setting targets, deadlines and to have an overview of resources. But, ‘fine’ is all they really are. As the surveys mentioned above indicate, there are a huge range of factors which can impact on your projects and traditional tools just don’t offer the flexibility to react to these, to prepare for them, or to forecast changes.

This is where Tempus Resource really pushes the game forward. Unlike other Project Management tools which give you little more than an overview of deadlines, Tempus Resource essentially lets you test a huge range of hypotheses and flexibly analyse the results. This means you can make decisions having tried every possible outcome and found the best solution.

The platform lets you:

  • Explore the impact of cutting, extending or even cancelling a project
  • How hiring new employees or reducing numbers would impact on deadlines
  • Visualise where your projects are undergoing strain or have too many resources allocated
  • Carry out hundreds of ‘what if?’ analyses

Ready to optimise your decision making?

Tempus Resource allows you to explore a huge range of possible outcomes when planning your portfolio of projects. As a result you can make decisions with the confidence that you’ve tried and tested every different factor. Get in touch with us to find out more about what Tempus Resource can do for you, and we’ll be updating this series of posts in the coming weeks with more concrete examples of the benefits of the platform.