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The Project Management landscape is changing

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There are few careers which offer the same satisfaction Project Management does, so it comes as no surprise that Business and Management studies are by far the most popular courses at UK universities. With almost 125,000 UK university students currently enrolled on courses relating to management, the pull of a profession where you design, implement and complete big projects is magnetic. Unlike many other careers, PM professionals have a real overview of the impact of their work and there’s something undeniably fulfilling about bringing a project to a close.

Another reason PM is such an appealing career path is that it’s a field constantly undergoing change, and now more so than ever. Thirty years ago, managing a project required a very different set of skills to those practiced by professionals in 2015, and this looks set to change even further in the near future. As the science of PM has evolved from 1950s-style Gantt charts to the first software programs of the 1990s to the modern day, keeping abreast of change is key to success and means project managers are constantly learning new skills and approaches.

As the theory behind management changes and revolutionary technologies emerge, the most forward thinking companies are adopting new methods and approaches. As our Director Paul Major recently wrote in leading industry publication PM Today, organisations need to be more responsive than ever in the face of change. CEOs must be flexible, organisations streamlined and ready to alter the direction of their businesses. Project Managers, of course, play a central role in actioning these new approaches.

Project Challenge Spring Show 2015

We’re looking forward to attending and presenting at Project Challenge 2015 from 25-26 March at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. The focus of the conference is on Change in Project Management and we’re excited to have the opportunity to learn more about transformation the industry is undergoing, explore strategies for the way forward and hear how Project Management professionals are responding to these ground shifts in PM.

Being prepared for change and able to develop strategies going forward requires a real understanding of what has brought it about in the first place. We’re expecting insights from a range of industry experts into the issues facing the industry over the course of the conference and our diaries are already packed with speakers we want to hear (fortunately we’re pretty good at managing this kind of thing!).

A masterclass with Paul Major

Our company Director Paul Major will be kicking the conference off with an overview of how Project Management is changing, and will be looking at the need to shift away from a transactional approach to PM and move towards a transformational approach. In a globalised world of disruptive technologies and an expectation of instant results, the risk of sitting back and carrying on with ‘business as usual’ is more significant than ever. Modern businesses need to be reactive, flexible and open to opportunities, and Paul argues that project managers are the central agents of this change as they turn these new directions into reality.

Other speakers will be tackling the issue of change from different perspectives and we’re excited to hear about their insights. There’ll be case studies about PM in huge organisations like the NHS, predictions for the future of our industry and discussion about planning in our uncertain world.

Beyond the opportunities to learn from industry experts about the theme of change, we’re also excited to attend the Master Classes on a broad range of topics and getting to grips with strategies for success. And of course, since one of the primary agents of change in our industry is technology we’ll be sure to visit the solutions presentations and are looking forward in particular to Greg Bailey’s Thursday seminar on Tempus Resource.

See you there!

As the old adage goes, one thing that never changes is that change always happens. At Program Framework we’re keenly aware of the need to have an in-depth understanding of what’s going on within our industry yet also balance that with an outward looking knowledge of the wider business environment. Events like Project Challenge present an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues, refresh our knowledge and get an overview of the industry. We’re looking forward to seeing our friends and partners there!