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5 key features of Nintex Mobile Enterprise

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Back in July, Nintex launched new versions of Nintex Mobile Enterprise and Nintex Forms Enterprise. The new versions introduced customisation options and advanced data connectors, among other improvements, making for more innovative and complete packages. You can see all the impressive features within Nintex Forms Enterprise here, but today we’re going to delve a little more into Nintex Mobile and see how Nintex were ahead of the curve in regards to making mobile matter.

Mobile in mind

As we move into 2016, January is sure to be filled with predictions and forecasting of what the year has in store for us. One of the most prominent of those is sure to be mobile, which has increased in adoption dramatically over recent years. The number of devices managed in the enterprise went up by 72% from 2014 to 2015, and has continued to rise. Looking forward, research from Gartner indicates that the demand for enterprise mobile apps by the close of 2017 will outnumber available development by a staggering 5 to 1. With more people choosing to use their phones for work than ever before, mobile apps have shifted from a solely consumer focus to acknowledging and now fully committing to the need of the enterprise.

As such, enterprise apps now have much bigger shoes to fill. Apps need to be immediately engaging as our leniency towards below-average UI or UX continues to decline. For the enterprise in particular, apps need to be packed full of impressive and innovative features to draw employees in and, more importantly, keep them using the app. This is something Nintex understood needed to happen with their mobile workflows midway through last year, and in this post we’re going to explore 5 of the best features the enterprise app has to offer.

1. Go wherever work takes you

Nintex Mobile is available for all major mobile devices – iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Users can capture data, complete tasks, review content, approve documents and more, meaning you don’t have to be sat at your desk to stay productive. Nintex Mobile lets you access your SharePoint and Office 365 processes inside or outside your firewall, and even offline. This allows users to work from practically anywhere they wish, on any device they wish.

In today’s business world, an employee uses 3 or more devices on average to do their work each day. To accommodate this, Nintex Mobile offers real-time synchronisation, meaning any changes immediately show up on your mobile device – letting you transition from desktop to tablet to mobile with ease.

2. Make it your own

Customise the branding, logo and artwork of your apps, giving them that personal touch to help users relate with your name. Nintex Mobile Enterprise’s web interface give users the ability to custom-brand up to 5 native mobile apps in a few easy steps.

Users are also able to customise which workflows and forms you want access to, allowing for the creation of departmental or process-specific applications. This provides a rich alternative to standard, web-based access for SharePoint and Office 365 users.

3. MDM Ready

The extreme rate mobile devices are proliferating the enterprise is not without its challenges. The variety of devices and their fellow operating systems can cause added hassle and prove a security risk. MDM is an effective method of managing all company devices from a centralised location, and as such is quickly being implemented by many organizations.

If your company is using MDM software to manage apps, you can easily add your Nintex Mobile app to your MDM software. Privacy doesn’t have to be sacrificed in order for users to get the apps they need to stay productive.

4. Stay secure

As we continue to create and access more content than ever, retaining said content securely is vitally important. An app can have all the impressive features in the world, but if it doesn’t keep a user’s content safe, then they won’t continue to use it. Nintex Mobile requires usage authentication via either Office 365, SharePoint or a Microsoft account, meaning your data is routinely made secure before it is sent.

5. “Superior Efficiency”

Vice President of Product, Ryan Duguid, noted the influence Nintex Mobile can have in the workplace:

“Enterprises run on hundreds, if not thousands of processes every day – all of which have a significant impact on the pace of innovation, customer satisfaction, employee retention and more … the processes can evolve through configurable workflow, forms, and mobile applications to effectively address business needs both now and in the future.”

Nintex and ProSymmetry

We’re very pleased to be a Nintex partner, and it’s great to see them continue to improve on their products. We’d also like to mention our United States partner ProSymmetry, whose Nintex Action Pack was used for the building of these apps.

You can find out more regarding Nintex on their website, and try a free 30-day trial of any of their products, including Nintex Mobile Enterprise. You can also have a look into the work of ProSymmetry on their website.