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The Process is changing? Oh no, the Sharepoint Architects are on holiday!

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A Gartner study of business process changes found that 67% of companies change their business processes once every six months, and 4% change them daily!  Even if you don’t change your processes as often as that, you may find that when processes and workflows change, your SharePoint designers get much busier.

This can mean IT work backlogs, user frustration, and gloom settling over management as IT is blamed again as a bottleneck because no-one but those guys can change the workflows to keep up with process innovations.

If this headache sounds familiar to you, then maybe it’s time to look at an alternative solution. Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms allows your own users to design most of the workflows, spreading the workload, cutting the delay. Simple to learn and use, Nintex Workflow and Forms design allows the users to do the workflow design. More complex workflows (such as deep interrogation of line of business databases) can be given to the in-house designers, resulting in a sizeable saving of the specialists’ time, and quicker response to the business changes.

If freeing up your SharePoint experts from workflow work would be a benefit to your organisation, then Nintex Workflows and Forms could be the answer. Call or email Lawrie Siteman (, or go to for more information. If you call Lawrie on +44 20 8942 9708, he can tell you about Program Framework’s ‘First Workflow Free’ offer, which would show you how easy it is to do workflows by demonstrating one of your processes for you.