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Using Tempus Resource to make data driven decisions

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Tempus Resource series 2 / 3

This is the second post in our three part series on Tempus Resource, a next-generation Resource Management tool. In part one of the series we looked at the major resource challenges which Project Managers face and showed how Tempus Resource helps users make the best decisions. In this post we’ll be looking in further detail at how the platform does so through the use of its powerful modelling feature.

Program and Portfolio Management is a challenging and dynamic field – and that’s one of the reasons we find it so fascinating. Nonetheless, when enormous budgets are on the line, when project outcomes are in the balance and when facing important deadlines, managing resources is no walk in the park. Even the most insightful and aware Project Manager can’t take every possible factor into account and this loads more risk onto an already unpredictable situation. Continue reading >>