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Microsoft’s World Partner Conference

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Microsoft, for many years now, have built and maintained a network of technology and service partners for the majority of their products. These partners capitalise on both perceived product gaps and make creative use of APIs to create an assortment of extensions, bolt-ons and utilities that can help make a software deployment shine.

It stands to reason then that Microsoft would want to keep this partner community informed and content on the future of their various technologies. Since 2003 they do exactly this, once a year, in a forum known as the World Partner Conference (WPC), which as an event that lasts several days and aims to achieve the following:

  • Informs: On the product roadmaps for the next year
  • Educates: On the latest best practice and product related innovations
  • Builds: Both networks and connections for attendees

This conference is noticeably different from events like Ignite and Build, which are aimed at the general stakeholder community regardless of role or responsibility. Continue reading >>