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The annual celebration of project excellence returns

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Project Managers today have to ensure they’re constantly keeping up to date within the industry in order to give projects the cutting edge. Whether it’s identifying agile practices, implementing digital transformation or understanding requirements, the world of project management is expanding and professionals need to do all they can to keep up. Thankfully, there are a number of talks, events and opportunities to help you do so. Continue reading >>

Program Framework

Program Framework & Consortium: a team of individual experts

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What makes a great team? Often when we talk about successful teams we single out a number of individuals with special talent that give their team the edge over the competition. But it’s not always the case that the team with the best players prevail – just look at the recent European Championships match between England and Iceland. And this is not limited to sport teams—why do movies with a cast of stars and an acclaimed director sometimes flop? Or how could a company employing vastly experienced business people and top graduates from the most elite business schools in the US fail so spectacularly? Continue reading >>