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Arup meets Tempus Resource

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Those of you who follow our blog will be aware of our work with Arup – the global design and engineering firm. We’re extremely grateful to have worked alongside them, as our partnership earned us the award for Best New Cloud Customer at the EMEA Partner Forum back in September. We’ve built many lasting relationships with the Arup team, which is why we’re even happier to learn that they have chosen to further improve their project and portfolio management (PPM) by investing in Tempus Resource – the resource management tool from our US partner, ProSymmetry.

Our relationship with Arup

Back in July of last year, Microsoft published a Customer Story based on our work with Arup. We worked with their Project Management Officer (PMO) to integrate Microsoft Project Online and transform their approach to project and portfolio management.

After realizing some of the boundaries Arup was faced with using Microsoft Excel and Word-based project status reporting, there was a definite need for a more consistent and varied PPM approach. Microsoft’s Project Online tool helped provide Arup with flexible access to their project data in the Cloud, meaning employees could access their content any time and in any place.

You can find out the full details on the benefits from our partnership with Arup in our dedicated blog post, and take a deeper look into our own Project Online services here.

A new partnering

Arup is a company that has made a name for itself on projects such as the Sydney Opera House, the Pompidou Center, the National Aquatics Center and the High Speed 1 railway. It is a multidisciplinary organization with 90 offices in over 35 countries across the world. Its global PMO is tasked with the improvement of project delivery across all regions, providing a level of consistency and high quality across the board. For this to happen, the firm felt like they needed some assistance in the managing of resources for their projects. This assistance is something that Tempus Resource is capable of providing; allowing for a more accurate – and therefore efficient – means of project handling.

Powerful resource management

When it comes to a Project Manager’s resources – the professionals, labourers and contractors who turn their plans into action – the correct managing of them is crucial. Often, good management is about the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. So how do you manage changes to the distribution of your people across projects? Most standard PPM tools only allow limited scope for controlling, changing or modelling changes to the deployment and allocation across projects; Tempus Resource differs from these for a few key reasons:

Adding & importing data

Most companies will be reluctant to dispose of their existing PPM tools such as Microsoft Project, which is understandable; these are very capable tools that many are already familiar with. With Tempus Resource, however, users can directly import resource data using the innovative user interface (UI) or through Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Project files are supported, and the tool also offers data synchronization with both Project Online and Project Server. So, you won’t have to completely do away with previous tools to see the benefits of the new implement.

Modelling & forecasting

Once you’ve imported this resource data, it can be turned into resource models. These models are an excellent source to make better, more informed forecasting decisions that are closely aligned to real-world scenarios. In reality, projects change as they progress: staff leave, timeframes alter and projects are split. With Tempus Resource, a Project Manager can explore the impact of these changes and plan accordingly. This gives the Project Manager a lot of flexibility and adaptability into how they can get the most out of their resources.

‘What-If’ analysis

Along with the ability to adapt, another key to successful project management is preparation. In all areas of project management, it pays to be prepared. In the same vein as models, managers can make use of Tempus Resource’s unique ‘What-If’ analysis to explore hundreds of possibilities without the risk. This is a powerful tool that enables better decision making, reduces decision time and ultimately decreases risk. A clear indication of under-and over-allocation, for example, makes for more efficient resource deployment.

Boost the success of your projects

It’s great to see two companies that we have strong relationships with coming together, and we’re sure that Arup will be able to further strengthen their PMO and project handling with the help of Tempus Resource. More instances of our case studies can be found on our Customer Stories page.

Available for a limited time only, ProSymmetry’s latest whitepaper contains a wealth of information on the freshest and best resource portfolio management techniques. The paper includes complementary research from Gartner Inc. worth upwards of $1200 and is free for you to download. For more information on Tempus Resource, visit their website.