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Announcing Consortium: ‘the cream of the crop’

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When Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker got together in 1966 to form the world’s first successful ‘supergroup’, Cream, they were already very popular musicians in their own right. In fact, as some of the decade’s most talented musicians, together they produced a number of the most memorable rock songs of their generation, and they are a group that still remains popular today.

In that spirit, we are delighted to announce that Program Framework is joining forces with four other award-winning, UK-based Microsoft Gold Partners to form our own ‘supergroup’. Introducing Consortium – a powerful team of IT consultancies with a combination of expertise in key Microsoft technologies. Along with our deep knowledge in project management, with Consortium, our customers can avail of the group’s full expertise across the entire Microsoft enterprise suite, communications, infrastructure, security, as well as big data analytics, all in one place.logo-2

Consortium is about providing IT buyers with a new and alternative service. Up until now, IT buyers have been stuck between choosing large, multinational tech consultancies that have a very wide knowledge across IT – a jack of all trades – but lack the depth that customers really need. The alternative way for IT buyers is choosing small, boutique-like agencies that have a deep knowledge of a specific tool, but can’t help with issues that go beyond their specialised area. The thinking behind Consortium is to give our customers a third option. Program Framework, together with our new partners, have both a wide and deep knowledge of the key Microsoft technologies and solutions. That way, you get access to all of our resources and can make your investments go much, much further.

Individual passions; a shared vision

The formation of Consortium comes from a motivation from the leaders of each of the five organisations to find a better way for our collective of customers. Our partnership comes from that desire to bring even greater value to our clients, and within that, we have a shared vision:

“There has never been more complexity in enterprise IT. As a consequence, too many organisations are forced to visit multiple vendors to get the expertise they need on different tools and products. Consortium aims to change this. We’ve brought together the expertise of accredited Microsoft Gold Partners to provide our clients with a unified source of experience, knowledge and proficiency in the full range of Microsoft enterprise IT. We see an arrangement where you get the deepest expertise, on the broadest range of tools, from one place”.

Meet the members of Consortium

Microsoft Enterprise Suite expertske3CZiQt_400x400

A multiple Microsoft Gold accredited organisation and a five-time Microsoft Partner of Year winner that creates enterprise solutions built on Microsoft technology. Their focus is on collaboration and productivity platforms.


Skype for Business is becoming increasingly essential for connecting organisations that do business together, as well as linking individuals and teams across offices. As instant messaging and VoIP technology continues to evolve and become an essential part of the office infrastructure, customers will need dedicated experts in this field. Modality is one of the biggest in the world. They work in over 100 countries, providing a unique service to support customers throughout every stage of their advanced comms journey.

Cloud infrastructure8qBlfk5d_400x400

One of the major catalysts for recent changes in business trends, models and landscape, the cloud is an essential component for any business regardless of field or industry. Inframon’s expertise when it comes to the cloud – and their understanding of how to leverage it to its full potential – will be a huge benefit to every client Consortium deals with.

Big data analyticsUpd2gz5I_400x400

Today’s organisations are producing more data on a daily basis than we ever have before. What’s most interesting are the insights we can pull from the high volume that we collect. Coeo are the specialists when it comes to analysing data and helping you get new insights. The rest of Consortium are the experts at helping you get the most from them.

How we fit inProgramFramework-200x60

At Program Framework, our extensive experience of deploying cloud-based and on-premises implementations of Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management tools makes us a perfect fit with the team of partners at Consortium. We add a new and valued dimension to the group’s enterprise productivity capabilities. And we joined Consortium because when you can help a wider range of clients that’s good for us, it’s good for our partners and, most importantly, it’s good for our customers, too. We were at the Microsoft TVP launch on the 6th July; a great start to an exciting future as a part of Consorium.


To learn more about Consortium and to find out how we can help you build a solution which fits your exact needs, contact Program Framework, or visit Consortium’s website today.