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APM Awards results and PMI Synergy

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Towards the end of October, we wrote about our involvement in the 2015 Annual Project Management Awards held on November 2nd. Before we go any further, we must say that it was a fantastic event with some really deserving nominees and winners. For us, it was also particularly special, as it was our 9th consecutive year sponsoring the Programme of the Year award. And to keep the tradition going, we’ve just signed on for another 3 years with APM, so we’re already excited to get to number 10 next year!

2015 marked the highest ever number of entries – breaking the previous record set at last year’s event – so the competition was tougher than ever. For that reason, we would first of all like the congratulate each and every finalist. They should all be very proud of the work they’ve done and what they’ve achieved. 

With 4 excellent programmes to choose from, picking a winner for Programme of the Year was no easy task. However, one programme in particular came out on top for their continued dedication and excellence in all areas of their project management.

And the winner is…

Drumroll please! A massive congratulations to the UK Ministry of Defence, who earned the title of Programme of the Year for their continued work on the Delivery of the UK Ministry of Defence’s Rotary Wing Strategy 2009-2015. It is a great honour to win such a coveted award, and everyone involved at the MOD should be extremely proud of their efforts.

You can view the full list of winners from the event here and read a recap of the event from APM themselves here – which is well worth a read.

APM look to celebrate the achievements of those at the pinnacle of the profession. Finalists and winners of the APM Awards can proudly claim to be among the very best in the project management profession.

You can view photos from the APM Awards here, or see the events as they unfolded via the hashtag #APMAwards on Twitter. It turned out to be a very enjoyable event as expected, and we look forward to more of the same next year.

PMI Synergy, Westminster

APM are not the only ones celebrating the wealth of project management excellence. We’re coming to the close of 2015, but with so much to be impressed by, there are still a few events being held to recognise the stellar achievements in Project Management.

PMI Synergy is one of the largest celebrations of Project Management in the UK, and the 12th November 2015 will mark the event’s fifth birthday.

PMI UK are a professional Project Management membership with over 3,000 members. Founded in 1995, the company has been promoting project management to industry and government organisations for the past 20 years. They are a non-profit membership association, and one of the largest in the world: empowering more than 700,000 members, credential holders and volunteers in nearly every country across the globe. Their events are organised almost entirely by volunteers, which means admission costs are kept to a minimum (good news for everyone!) Be warned that some tickets are already sold out though, so make sure you hurry if you want to register your place!

Who should attend?

Synergy is aimed at anyone who shares a passion for the profession of Project Management. It’s an extremely popular event; it’s expected that 97% of attendees from last year are planning on returning again on the 12th. You can expect to see many project professionals there, including:

  • Employers
  • Professional bodies
  • Academic institutions
  • Government institutions
  • Practicing Project Managers

We should point out that the last one is the most important! This is, of course, a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in the wide world of Project Management. And we really do mean anyone! There are discounted student tickets available, so if you’re a student just starting out in the Project Management realm, or someone interested in Project Management as a potential career, Synergy will prove a great means of introduction. If you think you might fall under any of those categories, make sure you register your attendance. Like we said, 97% of previous attendees are planning on returning, so act now before it’s too late!

Hear from the experts

PMI Synergy is hosting a world-class lineup of speakers who are sure to provide valuable insight, highlighting the value of project management and the impact it can have on you and your business. There are 12 great speakers in total, offering a wealth of information across all areas of Project Management. Below are a few of the big names attending:

  • Stephen Armstrong, Professor at University of Toronto
  • Stewart Desson, CEO Lumia Learning
  • Phil Driver, Author of Validating Strategies
  • Linda Lloyd, award winning Project Manager of Thales
  • Elizabeth Harrin, Author of A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

We’re very excited at yet another opportunity to witness some of the fantastic displays of Project Management around. If you’re interested in some of the other work PMI get up to, they host events of all kinds throughout the year – the likes of which can be found on their site. You can also join in on the conversation regarding PMI Synergy on Twitter, as well as keeping up to date with the event by following the hashtag #pmisynergy.