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Does your Project Support Office need support?

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Implementing a PPM solution like Project Online has the potential of delivering significant benefit to your project teams, management and whole organisation. Increased efficiency, more timely and consistent information, improved resource utilisation, a more strategic project portfolio, and ultimately increased project success – a lot to aim for. Be aware though: The role of the Project Support Office (PSO or PMO) is crucial in turning this potential into reality.

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Join Program Framework at the Chief Strategy Officer Summit in London

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We’re excited to announce that Program Framework will be exhibiting at the Chief Strategy Officer Summit in London at the end of this month. Held on the 26th & 27th of April, the event promises to be a fantastic opportunity to learn from industry thought leaders and explore the latest strategy trends across the enterprise. The CSO Summit – hosted by the innovation enterprise (IE) group – is sure to provide a variety of different approaches to the challenges that come from within the strategy function. Continue reading >>

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Change Management and the legal industry

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Nobody likes change, especially in the workplace. New working hours can be stressful to those they affect, a new office can be a cold and unwelcoming environment until its occupants warm to it, a new IT system or productivity tool can also throw employees off their usual routine. In short, people are naturally wired to enjoy consistency. It’s safe, reassuring, and expected. Coming in one morning to find any deviation from the norm can thus be unsettling and unnerving. And employers know that unsettled employees are not happy employees, nor as productive as they can be. Continue reading >>

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Game changer: why Change Management is no longer a luxury

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What is it about change that people are so averse to? While there are some areas of our lives where we’re constantly hungry for novelty, humans have a much stronger tendency towards stability. There is a number of reasons for this fear of change – research shows we subconsciously presume things which have lasted longer are better. When something seems old or permanent, we presume it has stood the test of time and is, therefore, good.

Organisations as a whole often have the same tendency, seeing change as something undesirable – businesses prefer stability: ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’. However, in a globalised economy of emerging markets and increasing competition, a refusal to adapt to new pressures, technology and opportunities can be catastrophic. It’s no longer an option to simply carry on as we used to – businesses need to be adaptive if they hope to succeed in this climate. Continue reading >>