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Nintex Online: Three features to help automate business processes

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In a recent post we looked at the rapid ROI that Nintex Workflow enabled for many projects. In this post we’ll be taking a closer look at the Office 365 specific version of Nintex – Nintex Online.

Nintex Online is a great way to expand on the out of the box options that SharePoint offers for both workflow and forms, and this is especially true in the Cloud where customisation options are very much limited. Continue reading >>

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Nintex workflows – answering the call for rapid ROI

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There’s little doubting that the gradual economic recovery of the last few years is something we’re all pleased about. However, while we’re returning to growth, business remains cautious about making long term investments when it’s still not clear what’s around the corner. This is true for almost any part of a business – from physical infrastructure, to marketing and, perhaps most significantly, in IT. There are a range of preconceived notions about IT projects being expensive, disruptive and having hard to measure Return on Investment (ROI).

This apprehension is perfectly understandable – but we also know that investment is essential for long term growth. Deploying new tools and solutions can boost productivity, cut costs and make your company more efficient. However, no one wants to spend big on enormous IT projects where the company will only begin to see benefits two years (or more) down the line. This kind of project feels sensible in times of plenty, yet is less than a sure bet when times are tight. Continue reading >>