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Change Management and the legal industry

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Nobody likes change, especially in the workplace. New working hours can be stressful to those they affect, a new office can be a cold and unwelcoming environment until its occupants warm to it, a new IT system or productivity tool can also throw employees off their usual routine. In short, people are naturally wired to enjoy consistency. It’s safe, reassuring, and expected. Coming in one morning to find any deviation from the norm can thus be unsettling and unnerving. And employers know that unsettled employees are not happy employees, nor as productive as they can be. Continue reading >>

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The rise of Resource Management

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The economic crash following the global financial crisis of 2008 was, in many ways, a wake up call to industry. Business strategies that were once widely accepted were thrown into doubt and many sectors were forced to re-orientate themselves in an era of financial prudence. The mantra became ‘deliver more for less’, and lawyers have been affected by these changes as much as anyone else:

“The legal profession is being shaken up like never before – and it is not just down to the economic downturn… Reforms first suggested a decade ago are now taking effect and the rise of new technology and the increasingly globalised world we live in are having unexpected repercussions for law firms.” Richard Simmons (editor of TheLawyer2B magazine).

While the industry is facing unprecedented changes, the opportunities which this new context offers are enormous. It is therefore essential to identify the trends and the tools which will prepare the industry for the coming years. Continue reading >>

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The State of Project and Portfolio Management in the Legal Sector

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When you think of the legal sector, Project and Portfolio Management isn’t something that you’d think would have a connection, right? You’d be correct. Much like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, the relationship between the two wouldn’t necessarily be classed as natural. Law firms – and lawyers in particular – tend to be more au fait with document and practice management systems to carry out their daily tasks. Systems that have helped them work effectively and efficiently for a number of years now.

However, with changes in the law and changes in how clients now expect the legal sector to work – i.e. less emphasis on just billing and more on being transparent, providing better value for money, assurances over project duration and completion dates. Better planning and preparation of work is now a big requirement and want for many organisations. Continue reading >>