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Gartner PPM Conference 2015, London, June 8th – 9th

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Working in an area as diverse and fast-paced as Project and Portfolio Management is great. Not only for the work we get to do and help we can offer, but also due to the fantastic number of shows and conferences scheduled throughout the year. We always keep an eye on those ‘must-attend’ events as they’re an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues (old and new) and stay on-top of the latest news and announcements from our industry.

The last few months have been particularly busy and insightful for us at Program Framework. Most notably with the Project Spring Challenge Show in April, which focussed on changes in the PPM landscape and how companies are responding to these new shifts. Add to that Microsoft Ignite, which was a huge event and covered all manner of topics, from sharing Microsoft’s PPM vision and roadmap to understanding and utilising Project Pro in Office 365, we’ve been inundated with exciting news, views and developments which both directly and indirectly connect with our industry. Continue reading >>

Program Framework

Looking into the future with Tempus Resource

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At some point, we’ve all wished we could look into the future; knowing what might have been, which opportunities we should take, which situations we should avoid. It would allow us to decide which routes to go down and make better decisions in the present. The same goes for Project Management: when working on large portfolios, having an idea of the outcomes of a change in staffing or a compression in timeframe would allow Project Managers to make the best practice decisions in the present.

Of course, bar looking into a crystal ball, knowing what will definitely happen in the future remains an impossibility. Nonetheless, whether it’s forecasting the weather, estimating macroeconomic trends or simply knowing that your train will arrive at a certain time, the ability to use previous experience to estimate outcomes is a marker of consciousness. Continue reading >>