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Arup meets Tempus Resource

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Those of you who follow our blog will be aware of our work with Arup – the global design and engineering firm. We’re extremely grateful to have worked alongside them, as our partnership earned us the award for Best New Cloud Customer at the EMEA Partner Forum back in September. We’ve built many lasting relationships with the Arup team, which is why we’re even happier to learn that they have chosen to further improve their project and portfolio management (PPM) by investing in Tempus Resource – the resource management tool from our US partner, ProSymmetry. Continue reading >>

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Program Framework: A look back at 2015

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This marks our final blog for 2015, and we’re happy to say it’s been a fantastic year. We’ve been lucky to attend so many brilliant events over the last twelve months, and we’re thrilled we’ve been able to meet so many people who value project management as much as we do.

So, by way of a celebration we thought we’d recite our Top Moments of 2015 (in no particular order, of course!) Continue reading >>

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Microsoft Project 2016 comes to Office 365

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2015 has been an exciting year in the world of project management, with a whole range of exciting products and updates released. Looking back over the past twelve months, there have been many standout moments, but the announcements around Microsoft Project 2016 were particularly impressive.

Immediately available to Office 365 users, Microsoft launched Project 2016 at the end of September to minimal fanfare. Nonetheless, the low key release wasn’t indicative of a low key product refresh. Rumours about the updates had been circulating for some time, so we were very excited to get our hands on Project 2016 – and we weren’t disappointed.

How has Microsoft improved and updated Project, and how will that affect you? Continue reading >>

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Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona

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Exploring the ancient cobbled streets of the gothic quarter, enjoying fresh tapas in an art nouveau restaurant, visiting world-beating museums – Barcelona has a lot to get excited about. Even more exciting than the above, we will be visiting the Catalan giant to attend the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. Taking place on the 8th – 12th November, the IT analysts’ conference will be held at the CCIB conference centre, a stone’s throw from the sea front. Continue reading >>

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Project Virtual Conference 2015

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We are lovers of all things Project and Portfolio Management here at Program Framework, so this October has been a very enjoyable month for us! At the beginning of the month we attended Project Challenge Expo, where our Director Paul Major spoke about “The changing world of Project Management”. We then went to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium for the Project Control Expo the following week, for which we were a gold sponsor and got the chance to exhibit in the Partner Showcase, which was a great opportunity to demo our American partner – ProSymmetry’s resource management tool: Tempus Resource. And the best news is we’re still not finished! The final event of this project-filled month, Project Virtual Conference 2015 will run through the 22nd and 23rd of October, and is the first ever online conference dedicated to Microsoft Project, Project Server and Project Online.

24 hours, online, for free

The first of its kind, Project Virtual Conference 2015 is all about the business value behind the proper usage of the Microsoft Project family. Continue reading >>

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New and upcoming features to Tempus Resource

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Tempus Resource from ProSymmetry solves one of the major issues facing PPM professionals today. That is, how do you manage changes to the distribution of your people across projects? Your resources – the professionals, labourers and contractors who turn your plans into action – are crucial to the success of any project. However, most PPM tools currently only allow limited scope for controlling, changing or modelling changes to their deployment and allocation across projects. Tempus Resource breaks this barrier. Continue reading >>

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How remote working is impacting resource management

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The longest commute in the UK is a 530 mile journey from the Orkney Islands to central London. Even if your daily trip to work is short by comparison (which we hope it would be), you’re not alone in feeling it’s getting longer. The average commute took 45 minutes in 2003, yet had increased to 54 minutes in 2011 according to the latest census data. Few people love their commute – from traffic jams to stressful train journeys or delayed buses, the stress and strain can drain energy from the start and end of your day. Continue reading >>

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Change Management and the legal industry

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Nobody likes change, especially in the workplace. New working hours can be stressful to those they affect, a new office can be a cold and unwelcoming environment until its occupants warm to it, a new IT system or productivity tool can also throw employees off their usual routine. In short, people are naturally wired to enjoy consistency. It’s safe, reassuring, and expected. Coming in one morning to find any deviation from the norm can thus be unsettling and unnerving. And employers know that unsettled employees are not happy employees, nor as productive as they can be. Continue reading >>

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The rise of Resource Management

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The economic crash following the global financial crisis of 2008 was, in many ways, a wake up call to industry. Business strategies that were once widely accepted were thrown into doubt and many sectors were forced to re-orientate themselves in an era of financial prudence. The mantra became ‘deliver more for less’, and lawyers have been affected by these changes as much as anyone else:

“The legal profession is being shaken up like never before – and it is not just down to the economic downturn… Reforms first suggested a decade ago are now taking effect and the rise of new technology and the increasingly globalised world we live in are having unexpected repercussions for law firms.” Richard Simmons (editor of TheLawyer2B magazine).

While the industry is facing unprecedented changes, the opportunities which this new context offers are enormous. It is therefore essential to identify the trends and the tools which will prepare the industry for the coming years. Continue reading >>

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Portfolio Management using Project Online, Project Server 2010 / 2013, creating a Competitive Advantage inside your Organization

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If you want to achieve great results in a demanding environment and create Competitive Advantage for your Organization, then you should ensure you are selecting the best projects, the best investments and above all creating the best portfolio[1] for your organization.

As a CEO, a CSO, or a PMO in a Private Company or in the Public Sector, selecting the best projects means ensuring that you’re delivering the best value-for-money for your investments.

The aim of this article is not to be an overview of Strategy Management, or Portfolio Management, but to quickly demonstrate how Project Online / Project Server can help you achieve the intended results.

[1] Portfolio: a range of investments held by a person or organization.

1 Continue reading >>